I got more people on my email list than Sarah governed as a Mayor. LOL!

Alaska has 670,000 people. That’s the south side of Chicago. ROFL!

Abstinence only didn’t even work in YOUR household. LMAO!

Great clip.

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  • Len

    I think he has a great point about Bristol being covered under her mother’s healthcare plan, where other young women may well not have that kind of coverage.

    To say nothing of the fact that being the Governor, the tab for Mrs. Palin’s coverage is likely picked up by the state of Alaska. If that is indeed the case, then Bristol is having a baby out of wedlock and Alaska’s taxpayers are picking up the tab.

  • Yeah. Thanks. I was saving that for another post. 😉

  • Len

    Aha, maybe that’s the posting strategy I should have used back when I cared about traffic. 😆

  • heh. traffic schmaffic. more like lazy blogging.

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