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Governor Palin and her husband Todd have a loving family and their children mean everything to them. When their oldest daughter Bristol came to them with news that she was expecting a child they embraced her and gave her nothing but unconditional love and support. [No matter what anyone tells you, we did not say, “Holy fucking shit! We’re trying to get in the god damned White House you dumb little slut! What the fuck are you trying to do, ruin our lives?”]

This is a […]

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Just watch it- I promise you’ll thank me later…

“What do you think I am? A political tool that you can use to sway the base?”


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Sarah Pawlenty?

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No morphing candidates into one. No changing course now and going with Pawlenty! This is Freudian Gold:

It was all going well tonight for Ohio State Rep. Jo-Ann Davidson, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, as she was paying tribute to Republican women, with a nod to the last time the Republicans met in St. Paul.

“Ever since that convention, women have been an integral part of the party. And today, 116 years later, we are holding a convention that will nominate a Republican woman governor, Sarah Pawlenty our next vice president.”

This is a complete and […]

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Tim has the story. The National Enquirer is doing a John Edwards on Sarah Palin. The reaction on the right was absolute glee that they were doing their John Edwards cheated on his wife story. They were jumping up and down and hollering about how bad it was that no other media outlet had the guts to cover the story like the grocery store checkout rag did. Well, the John Edwards chickens are about to come home to roost.

I wonder what their tune will be now? I’m guessing different.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that Palin’s […]

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Nice. This should help get the Hillary vote:

Lyda Green is a Republican member of the Alaska Senate, representing the G District since 1995. She is currently the Senate President.

Earlier in January 2008, Palin had been involved in a mild controversy in an appearance on the KWHL radio program “The Bob and Mark Show.” During the show, Palin and host Bob Lester repeatedly criticized Green, accused her of being jealous of Palin’s success, and mocked Green’s weight. Lester went on to call Green a “cancer” and a “bitch,” to which Palin laughed several times.[3][4] Green is a cancer […]

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Nice piece by John Dickerson in Slate. It’s clear that the Palin pick has taken experience off the table for the most part. The question now is, does it take “risky” off the table as well? The clear GOP tactic has been to paint McCain as the safe pick. The old white dude who has been around a long time and you feel like you know well. Obama was the guy you didn’t know well and was thus painted as risky. The Palin pick may be changing that dynamic as we speak:

Each new fact we learn about Sarah Palin—her […]

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The desperation that is John McCain:

Former officials of Sen. John McCain’s 2000 campaign expressed shock and disbelief Monday to learn than the GOP presidential nominee had hired South Carolina political consultant Tucker Eskew.

Eskew, along with Warren Tompkins and Neal Rhodes, were key members of then-Gov. George W. Bush’s South Carolina team during the 2000 primaries. McCain and his team long held Bush, Tompkins, Rhodes and Eskew responsible for the various smears against McCain and his family in the Palmetto state during that contentious contest.

Unreal. In case you were wondering what they did to McCain in 2000 […]

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The flow is actually pretty good, tho they could use a real video director. Plus it’s educational!

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Roland Martin on Sarah Palin: Gold.

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I got more people on my email list than Sarah governed as a Mayor. LOL!

Alaska has 670,000 people. That’s the south side of Chicago. ROFL!

Abstinence only didn’t even work in YOUR household. LMAO!

Great clip.

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Obama Hits 50% in Gallup

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Obama hits 50% for first time and back up by 8. I expect this Palin implosion may cause even more of a bump. Unless more wingnuts support babydaddyism than I thought. 😉

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Jeff Coryell catches the Republican candidate for OH07 plagiarizing his labor day pandering message. Jeff notes that Austria is really not that into labor or workers:

State Sen. Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) has touted his a 97% pro-business voting record and his heavily PAC-funded congressional campaign gets big support from business and nothing from labor. Overall he has a pretty poor voting record as far as labor is concerned, having voted against raising the minimum wage, against fair treatment for workers injured on the job, and for making it harder for state correctional workers to organize.

It’s pandering during a […]

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