This story of Bristol Palin being pregnant and the Palin camp trying to cover it up was the first thing I heard in relation to Palin and her daughter. Then the rumors that Sarah lied about giving birth to her son, and was instead covering for Bristol having done so.

Who knows what will come of the Trig Palin story. It certainly is more plausible that Sarah gave birth to him – as Downs Syndrome is more likely in older mothers giving birth. What still does not make sense is the lack of real evidence that Sarah was pregnant. Bristol’s absence from school for “mono” is also still a mystery.

My guess is the rumors were intended to flush out the true story of an abstinence only wingnut woman having a teenage pregnant daughter. Appears to have worked.

Now the McCain/Palin camp will have to admit that abstinence-only education does NOT work. It failed the Palin’s miserably. But that’s not all. They’ll also have to explain these “pro-choice” comments:

We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents

So it’s a “decision” to make. A “choice”. If there was no choice to make between giving birth at age 17 and terminating the pregnancy, there would be no reason to congratulate someone on a decision. There simply would be no decision to make. The Palin’s are admitting that the choice is indeed with the pregnant woman and NOT with the government or others who may disagree with a woman ever terminating a pregnancy.

If you think Bristol made this decision on her own without the intense pressure of not only parents, but the entire right-wing Republican ideology, you are either crazy or not paying attention. The kid was under enormous pressure and does not have the support of parents who really care about her self interests. In fact, so power hungry is her mother that she once even went so far as to suggest that if Bristol were RAPED, she would not support her decision to terminate THAT pregnancy.

It’s sick.

That’s not the entire story either. In their press release, they indicate there will be a teen wedding. Thus completing the fantasy that is family in right wing Amurica. There is absolutely no wonder that half of all marriages end up failed. This one is set up to do precisely that.

So this Palin daughter pregnancy is as good as the rumor if not better. It accentuates the weakness that is the family values argument from the right and puts an end to extremist right wing thought related to a woman’s right to choose to terminate or carry a pregnancy to term.

When the left argues that we should limit both unwanted pregnancies and abortions through complete sex education and good parenting and the right argues we should close our eyes and plug our ears then force children to give birth to babies, the distinction between the two sets of ideas couldn’t be more stark.

This Palin story makes this abundantly clear.

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