A few weeks back Stuart Shepard (Focus on the Family)
asked people to pray.

Specifically, he wanted them to pray for rain – “umbrella ain’t gonna help you”-type rain to be exact – and he wanted it for a very selfish and quite asshatish reason: to ruin Barack Obama’s planned outdoor convention speech.

The rain never came.

So now it’s the day before the Republican convention is supposed to start and, guess what… the rain is coming. This time in the form of a category 4 hurricane that is threatening to wipe New Orleans completely off the map and to, quite appropriately, blow away any chance of the Republican convention getting the same quality and quantity of news coverage given to the Dem convention last week.

If there is a God up there that actually cares about mankind and actually answers our prayers – then I can imagine She doesn’t take to kindly to people praying for bad things to happen to other people.

If there is a God up there – a God that actually listens to people like Stuart Shepard – then it might be a pretty damn good time for him to start praying for something positive.

You hear me Stuey?

I figure it will go something like this:

Dear Lord, I am REALLY sorry I prayed for bad things to happen to Barack Obama. I will never do it again. I promise. Seriously, I mean it this time.

If you can find it in your giant god-heart to forgive me then I’d like to ask you for a HUGE favor: please spare the people of New Orleans from hurricane Gustav. I don’t care what happens to the Republican convention. No, Seriously. I mean it. Just please save the people of NOLA from the coming hurricane.

Again, sorry I was such an ass. I’ll really try to work on it in the future.


Here’s the original video- in case you wanted to see what a real tool this guy is…