For a Democrat I definitely fall on the moderate side of gun rights. Hell, I’m even open to concealed carry permits assuming they involve training and background checks.

But unlike the far-right folks who think concealed weapons should be allowed everywhere (e.g. school, office, government buildings, amusement parks, etc.)- I think the rights of property owners trump those of the gun owner. The last thing we need is a bunch of gun-toting wackjobs getting drunk at Cedar Point and accidentally shooting the guy in the Snoopy suit.

The official Republican position is kind of vague on this topic. A draft of this year’s GOP platform espouses gun ownership as “responsible citizenship” that allows Americans to “defend their homes and communities against violent individuals and the drug culture.” (note: drug culture = black people)

But it doesn’t mention anything about concealed carry or allowing guns in all public and/or private places.

I wonder: have the party moderates finally wrestled control of the GOP platform away from hard-right nutjobs?

The choice of this year’s convention venue does seem to support that theory.

That’s because the Xcel Energy Center specifically “bans guns on the premises”


In the interest of guest safety and enjoyment Xcel Energy Center reserves the right to prevent certain items from being carried into the arena. These include, but are not limited to, weapons or anything else that can be used as dangerous projectiles. Similarly, other items that may jeopardize the safety or viewing/listening enjoyment of the guests may be prohibited. Xcel Energy Center bans guns on the premises.

(ht Jill)