Lots of commentary out there. Obviously our rightwing friends are very happy as Palin appears to be a certified wingnut: Columbuser, WMD (yikes! another horrid new design), Bizzy, Naugle is silent (but sure to be on board soon), Anonymous Wingnut Blogger Taxman (thinks she’s MORE experienced than either of the Dems – hah!), Thurber seems to like it and uses the “executive” argument, AOL Nixguy Dave Staley thinks it’s “brilliant” (while being underwhelmed by the Obama speech – hehe), and Ben Keeler likes it (thought I think he just lost a bet).

Reaction from the left:

Plunderbund – Joe says this takes experience right off the table

Glass City Jungle – Claims to not even be a “progressive blog” though BNN thinks so. No clue on Lisa Renee’s stance here. She seems to like Palin in a way and is trying to be neutral in another. She will only tell us she “votes her conscience”. Good to know, but far from taking a stance.

Jill at WLST – McCain camp making HUGE miscalculation.

Tim at BloggerInterrupted – thinks it’s insulting to women for McCain to have picked such a polar opposite to Hillary.

BSBIs probably traveling. No comment yet. Yup, traveling. Nick now asks “Sarah who?”

Dave at ProgressOhio – not impressed.

De Magno Opere – Brilliant…for a day or two.

Ohio Daily Blog – Canvasses righty blogs and finds plenty of negative reactions

The Chief Source’s Robert – Calls Palin a “Trophy Candidate”

Pho and Psychobilly Democrat haven’t chimed in yet. Look forward to hearing what they have to say.

Here’s what I think and also what I think needs to happen on our side to make this a pretty clear cut election this time around:

First, and most obviously, the experience argument has now effectively been flipped by the McCain camp. By picking a candidate with arguably LESS experience in leadership than Obama (despite the type), the Republicans cannot make this claim about the Democratic Candidate. The Obama campaign, however, CAN make this claim about the VP spot since their man Biden is clearly more experienced and able to step in as Commander in Chief.

Second, I agree with Jill here that this is a pandering decision that will backfire. This is not a governance calculation, it is completely political. 100%. I think the Biden pick is somewhat political, but also has governance angles. McCain and company did look to shake things up and go outside the box. While it will motivate some hard core wingnuts and will get some news initially, the overall affect of weakening the ticket will become glaring in the weeks ahead. My prediction is that once Palin is out of the honeymoon period, she will become a gaffe machine once the pressure cooker heats up. You only need look at Biden’s recent speeches and Obama’s last night to understand that heat is coming.

Third, I think this is a good thing when it comes to Hillary. One of my biggest worries is that she would make an acceptable speech, hop in a private jet to New York and never be heard from again. This pick almost certainly guarantees that won’t happen. For her to sit on her hands in hopes of a 2012 run while she allows a woman as opposed to her core beliefs as Palin is allowed to help McCain capture the White House will be simply too obvious and unpalatable. Hillary’s silence from now until November would be deafening and could cost her future political aspirations and harm the overall Clinton legacy among Democrats.

There are other specific problems with Palin and the entirety of them makes clear how desperate the Republicans are this year to try and do anything to compete. In a way, this pick enhances my argument that modern day conservatism is dead. If this is all the deeper their bench is, they are surely in a steep decline.

So here is what I think needs to happen:

1. Obama needs to follow up one of the best political speeches I’ve seen in my lifetime (wingnuts talking it down are blinded by partisanship) with continued attacks on the Bush/McCain era and follow up on his themes of why the parties are starkly different and make the case for change.

2. Biden needs to hammer McCain with everything he has. Bring full guns a blazin’. He’s good at it and it’s one of the central reasons for picking him. Watching all the other contender’s speeches contrasted with his makes this abundantly clear.

3. Hillary needs to be very visible and hammer away at Palin like there’s no tomorrow.

These three things happen and the 8 point convention bump widens to something insurmountable come election day. The other thing that needs to happen is those of us who are on the side of Obama/Biden need to get to work. Host a house party. Talk to neighbors. Canvas. Phone bank. Donate. Do whatever you can to ensure success on November 4th. Change doesn’t happen through wishful thinking, but through willful action.

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  • Ill say what I have said elsewhere. Huge potential to backfire and huge potential for upside. They are obviously going on something polling shows them.

    I did prefer Romney, but I think once the home thing became an issue he became an impossible pick.

  • I am a registered Democrat, hence the BNN description. Glass City Jungle is not a progressive blog in the sense that Dave Hickman was attacking me on, which was what my response was directed at.

    I don’t use my blog to promote my opinion the majority of the time, it’s focused on local issues most of the time and even when it’s not the goal is discussion oriented rather than my trying to do anything but point out as much information as I can try to. You are right that I haven’t said who I was voting for, when I stated I was voting for Clinton, it didn’t change how I handled my blog. However, the backlash that happened detracted from my blog. It became about me, which is not the reason I blog there.

  • Don’t disagree, Ben. I obviously think it will backfire. Your comments confirm this was more of a hail mary type pick.

    I really think you must be a bit concerned that this is your VP pick. Afterall, Republicans were supposed to be the ones who consistently developed a strong bench. This smacks of a complete weakness.

  • Lots brewing in my brain and the keyboard but it’s critical that Obama, Biden and anyone planning on voting for the Democratic ticket not allow the GOP candidates or proxies to have it both ways without swiftboating Palin: the GOP cannot claim to be all family values AND still say and influence with lines like “ooo the Dems are picking on a working mom! how hypocritical!” which I’ve already seen.

    If the GOP is so pro-working moms, put the money where your mouths are. Support the women who support you – the child care, the pay, the job security, the health care – all the things that have enabled Palin to get where she is.

    Otherwise – the charge of elitist will attach to her as well.

    If you don’t quite get what I mean, read this excellent post about what happened to the last working mom Governor – Jane Swift, who was beaten by…Mitt Romney in part because of the demands being a mom placed on her as governor and mom.

    Swift was even younger and now is only a year older than Palin.

  • @2: So which of the two current tickets are you supporting? I hope the Democratic one!

    I know what you do with your blog…and you do it well. Great example of a local community blog.

    I figure as a registered Dem I know where your conscience will be. You don’t have to divulge…but I am seriously interested to hear and to hear why.

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  • J-Dog

    Bush had his Harriet Miers nomination for Supreme Court. The Palin choice is McSame’s equivalent. I hope Palin is as successful as Miers.

  • J-Dog

    I saw a comment on an Alaskan web page that Palin as VP is a great move economically because we won’t have to pay her as much as we would a man. Ouch!

  • For me, Palin is no gimmick. I favored Romney for VP because he’s a conservative reformer from outside the Beltway. Palin fits the same description, so it was easy for me to feel comfortable with Palin. I’m very much excited about this.

  • Phil Steiger

    Eric…..This choice is bizarre beyond words; Alaska is a safely Republican state with virtually no Electoral impact, so what does this bring to the table? …..I talked with two women at work this afternoon who both felt insulted; Karen feels insulted, I’d feel insulted if I wasn’t amused. The “Dan Quayle in a dress” analogy is on target.

  • @9: I’m not sure about “gimmick”, but this pick is purely political and not thoroughly thought through if you ask me.

    It calls into question McCain’s judgement in a big way. He had said his biggest criteria was who could step in and replace him. Called this his number one consideration. Are you seriously saying you agree that Sarah is THE most qualified Republican to replace McCain should he get elected and something happen to him?

    I’d say our country would be in serious crisis with her at the helm. You talk about scary. You might be ideologically happy with this pick, but it puts our country at serious risk.

    Also, you meet someone ONCE and decide to make them your VP running mate? This smacks of a desperate political move and is not something a real leader who puts country first would do.

  • @10: This brings to the table much needed red meat, but puts our country at risk. It’s not only risky to the candidate (most agree this is a risky move, even those on the right), it’s risky to our nation at a critical time in both domestic and foreign policy issues.

    Bizarre is a good word. I call into question John McCain’s judgment at this point.

  • Hey Eric, you called it, both David and I were traveling this morning. Here’s BSB’s response if you want to add it:

    Sarah Palin Who?

  • Here is my take guys.

    A risky pick to say the least for the GOP…in the long term I think it’s great for all involved, in the short term, I think this sealed the deal for an Obama/Biden victory come November.

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