With his VP pick of Sarah Palin, John McCain has just thrown away one of the only reasonable attacks he had against Barack Obama: lack of experience.

Not only is Sarah Palin four years younger than Barack Obama, her experience is a complete joke.

Besides her time as a beauty queen and a few years as a sports reporter, she was a city council member and mayor of a town of 5,469 (Wasilla, Alaska) and, for two years, Governor of Alaska: population 683,478.

If you call this “management experience” worthy of being US President then Mike Coleman is certainly qualified to be president given that Columbus, Ohio has more people than all of Alaska: 747,755.

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  • Yeah, but trying to use the population numbers hurts Biden, he represents less people considering he is one of two Senators of Delaware than Palin does as Governor.

    I agree this makes experience more difficult but that was the reason Obama picked Biden to counter that. It appears they are going for the “maverick/reformer” theme now.

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  • Good lord. She’s been governor for less than 2 years, and mayor of a “city” of less than 6,000 for 6 years. If McCain won, we’d be one stroke away – on an ancient man – from having a completely unqualified person in the White House.

    She’s pretty – not a qualification – and a certifiable wingnut. And, I’m sure, picked to appeal to PUMAs who still can’t get past the fact that Clinton didn’t win the nomination. But I can say with 100% certainty that I’m way way way more comfortable with the idea of Biden stepping in than Palin, in the unlikely event that a Veep would have to assume the office.

  • I think Biden would make a great president.

    But it seems pretty unlikely given Obama’s age.

    However, McCain is in his 70’s with a history of cancer. Much more likely with Palin.

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