He met her once?

John McCain on Friday announced a running mate whom he met only six months ago and with whom he spoke just once on the phone about the position before offering it in person earlier this week.

This pick is a judgment test for John McCain and he has failed miserably. It might feel right now to the wingnut base, but it’s going to feel mighty different in a week or two.

The more I think about this, the more I think how easy this is going to be. McCain essentially just handed the Obama campaign this election. I’ll say this again. Once the heat gets turned up on her she is going to become a gaffe machine. She’s simply going to be exposed for being in over her head here.

Alaska (the state she has been Governor of for less than 2 years) has a population of 670,000 roughly. The CITY of Columbus, Ohio has a population of over 700,000. Mike Coleman has been Mayor of this city more than 4 times longer than Sarah has been Governor of Alaska. Would anyone in their right mind argue that Mike is qualified to be Vice President?

OK, maybe I know some who might…but you get the idea.

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