Anyone remember that idiot “praying” for God to send a big rain storm on top of Mile High Stadium during Obama’s speech? Well, seems God has other thoughts…see what happens when you pray for bad things to happen to other people! God, the universe, whatever you call “it” decided instead to remind us all – during the Republican Convention – of how the Republican administration treated poor Americans during/after Katrina:

NEW ORLEANS — Fear and foreboding gripped this still-mending city Thursday as a potential Category 3 hurricane whirled toward the Gulf Coast on the eve of Hurricane Katrina’s three-year anniversary.

Tropical Storm Gustav, which was lashing Jamaica after Haitian officials said it had killed 51 people there, was still almost five days away from the Crescent City, according to the National Hurricane Center. Projections varied greatly, putting its path anywhere from the Florida panhandle to southeastern Texas by Tuesday.

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