John McCain returned from Vietnam a war hero.

At home he found his wife – a former model –
had been in a disfiguring car accident.

Almost immediately John McCain began
a series of adulterous relationships
with multiple women
including a rich beer heiress
who was nearly 25 years younger
than the women to whom his was still married.

Cheating on your disabled wife
and then divorcing her for a much younger
and much richer girl.

Is THIS how heroes behave?

  • J-Dog

    Sarah Palin!!!
    Finished second in the Miss Alaska contest!

    Hey, it looks like “WORLD PEACE” will be a priority for the McCain ticket!!!

  • Len

    McCain-MILF ’08!

  • J-Dog

    Len — That was so funny it hurt! You should have copyrighted that one!!!

  • Len

    It was either that or “Quayle with cleavage.” McCain does seem to have an unusually pronounced weakness for pretty younger women. As we see above, he left his first wife over that very issue. And as Jill has been pointing out today, McCain’s blatant play for Hillary voters is starting to look desperate. People supported Hillary for her platform and her qualifications, not just because of her gender. They’re unlikely to jump for this party-line conservative; I expect she’ll be more useful at shoring up that part of the GOP base.

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