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Paul Begala On Fire Re: Palin

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On fire:

John McCain needs what Kinky Friedman calls “a checkup from the neck up.”

In choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, he is not thinking “outside the box,” as some have said. More like out of his mind.

Totally on fire:

Palin a first-term governor of a state with more reindeer than people, will have to put on a few pounds just to be a lightweight. Her personal story is impressive: former fisherman, mother of five. But that hardly qualifies her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

For a man who […]

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He met her once?

John McCain on Friday announced a running mate whom he met only six months ago and with whom he spoke just once on the phone about the position before offering it in person earlier this week.

This pick is a judgment test for John McCain and he has failed miserably. It might feel right now to the wingnut base, but it’s going to feel mighty different in a week or two.

The more I think about this, the more I think how easy this is going to be. McCain essentially just handed the […]

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Just as I’ve been saying (and will continue to say), the way to quash this Palin nonsense and completely pull the rug out from under the strategy is for Hillary to engage it head on. TPM’s Eric Kleefeld has a great idea:

It is practically certain that on the night of Palin’s speech on Wednesday, we will be treated to her repeating her praise of Hillary Clinton, and the talk about how women still have a chance to break the glass ceiling. This will be accompanied by the bizarre sight of the Republican convention cheering for Hillary Clinton, all […]

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That’s apparently the new rallying cry of the Republicans. CHANGE. Not just change we can believe in, but change we can REALLY believe in:

No really. For real. Like totally.

Anyone else see what’s wrong with these Palin/McCain graphics? They just look…um…wrong. She looks happy – and quite oblivious – while he looks like he’s trying desperately to pass gass (or is experiencing some consternation over having to pick her wingnut ass). One thing is for certain, I agree with my wife who said “just look at them together. they won’t win. they don’t look anything like a […]

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Ok- so I’m just going to throw this out there because it’s the first thing I thought when I saw the Palin family photo: Sarah Palin doesn’t look pregnant- but her daughter kind of does.

I have absolutely no proof of this. None whatsoever. But I did do a little research and found out I’m not the first person to come up with this theory.

Let’s start with the basics of my theory:

1. Sarah is 44 years old- pretty unlikely that she’d just get pregnant naturally.

2. She announced her pregnancy at 7 MONTHS and the […]

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According to TMZ, Van Halen did NOT give McCain permission to use their song at his Dayton rally today.

“Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given.”

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It’s amazing the stuff that flows through this “series of tubes” and right into your home.

Stuff like old campaign commercials in which federally indicted Senators endorse McCain’s new VP pick…

(ht tp)

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For crotchety oldbag whining, for telling me to get off his lawn, and for picking a former beauty queen as his #2, John McCain earns this month’s honorary HCwDB of the Month.

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Um…qualified? Maybe she can get some tips from Dan Quayle:

Palin replied: “As for that VP talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?

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Thoughts on Palin Pick

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Lots of commentary out there. Obviously our rightwing friends are very happy as Palin appears to be a certified wingnut: Columbuser, WMD (yikes! another horrid new design), Bizzy, Naugle is silent (but sure to be on board soon), Anonymous Wingnut Blogger Taxman (thinks she’s MORE experienced than either of the Dems – hah!), Thurber seems to like it and uses the “executive” argument, AOL Nixguy Dave Staley thinks it’s “brilliant” (while being underwhelmed by the Obama speech – hehe), and Ben Keeler likes it (thought I think he just lost a bet).


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I’ve been arguing for a while now that McCain had to pick a VP who was vehemently pro-life mainly because he has yet to win full support from the ultra-right, Christian wing of the Republican party.

And if that was McCain’s goal- then he did a good job picking Palin. It’s not easy to find a woman who will fight against women’s reproductive rights as hard as the old, white, male nut jobs (Dobson, Perkins, etc.) that can sway large numbers of the GOP’s evangelical voters while not seeming like a total ass hat misogynist at the same time.


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