THIS is what really worries me about November 4th. More than anything else, including voter fraud and electronic voting machines:

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  • I feel confident that a good proportion of those folks don’t vote, Eric – are you worried that these are exactly the people who vote?

  • I’m absolutely terri-fucking-fied!

  • Hmm – can’t we come up with some more intriguing diversion for such people on Nov. 4 that would make them forget all about voting? There must be something…

  • I’m willing to bet the incidence of idiocy is higher in the voting population than fraud or voting machine irregularities.

  • well – yeah.

  • @3: shiny things should work.

  • J-Dog

    Okay, your headline fooled me ’cause it says “County” and not “Country.” So, I was guessing “Union County”…

    Great video…looking forward to the shiny thingies @6!!!

  • haha. i swear that typo wasn’t on purpose…but it coulda been!

  • Ha – I assumed you meant one of the 88 Ohio counties. lol

  • Len

    Personally, I liked the “Yugoslavia” answer. Wrong in more ways than one! 🙂

  • No one said the country still had to exist. Could have used USSR in that case.

    The most obvious answer seems like USA. Maybe too obvious, I guess.

    But I’m sure they had to go through a lot of people to get to the few with funny answers. Man, I hope so at least.

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