Hillary did a pretty good job with her speech last night at the convention.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder how she ended up choosing that horrible orange pantsuit for the occasion.

Now I know the answer: TMZ has the scoop on the behind-the-scenes process …

Personally, I think they are all pretty bad. Not the suits themselves- but the colors. I would have gone with something more conservative, like a dark gray.

I think Hillary could learn a lot about appropriate political fashion from her daughter.

  • I saw some unhinged Hillary supporter claim that the orange was to reference Ukrainian protests against rigged elections, and that it’d fly over Obama’s head as an insult. Seriously. I wish I had a link, but I can’t remember where I read it.

  • Gray? you are joking – no way.

    I wouldn’t do orange – maybe a good memorable lavender – but not gray or anything dark. It looked great on her – even if it was Orange. Whose school colors are Orange?

  • Lavender might have been a good option, but no, not gray. I thought the orange was a little startling, but it worked on that stage. Like I told Joe though, I’m not sure where you find an orange pantsuit!

  • Amber – that is so true! I’d say at an oldies second hand shop – a retooled 1970s Leisure Suit but that’s too cruel. 🙂

  • Come on.

    How about this one:

    or this one:

  • Ack- washouts – no no. Blondes and grays are only good when you want your words and face to matter – here – with TV? She has to think about searing the image too.

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