I want to congratulate the Vindicator for opening their editorial pages to a very special mentally challenged individual named Thomas Maskell.

His latest “article” is titled Just imagine: A Democrat infiltrated the wine tasting and it’s just the cutest little piece of writing I’ve ever seen from someone with an IQ as low as Tom’s.

He uses big words and everything! And it looks like he even had a parent correct his spelling for him. SO cute!

Of course, the article doesn’t actually make much sense. He tries to explain that liberalism is a disease and that it makes people dishonest. But we can forgive this- and the fact that there are no actual facts included to support any of his statements and that the article just kind of ends on some random thought- because he has the mind of a 3rd grader trapped in the body of a full-grown mn.

I certainly do wish the paper had printed all of the stick-figure drawings Tommy had included with his article.

Maybe next time.