Watched Lou Dobbs last night and the guy and his guests drove me just about crazy. The theme of the majority of the segment was “how dare Barack Obama attack poor John McCain”. The players in this defend McCain drama were:

Diana West – Wingnut columnist and blogger

Miguel Perez – Very “non-mainstream” Latino dude and Lehman professor

Hank Sheinkopf – Lamest “democratic strategist” ever

So I expect Diana West to go all wingnutty and defend John McCain at every turn, but this exchange quickly turned in to a Barack bashing. Liberal media my ass.

How does Miguel characterize the Obama “Seven Houses” tv ad?

If you live in a glass house, you cannot throw stones.

My mouth dropped wide open when I heard this and heard Lou Dobbs let him get away with it. This is PRECISELY opposite of how any objective onlooker might have gotten it. The person in the glass house is John McCain and his Republican friends, who for months now have attempted to paint Obama as this arugula eating limosine liberal who hangs out with his elitist friends Paris Hilton and goes to private schools in Hawaii, are the ones throwing stones.

How this slipped past Dobbs and Company – unless they are shilling for John McCain – is beyond me.

We’ll dismiss Diana’s take as she is a columnist, which is all you really need to know. Suffice to say she “loved the McCain rapid response”. YaY!

But Hank Sheinkopf. “Democratic strategist”. Let’s hear from him:

HANK SHEINKOPF, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I think that McCain won the argument. I think that McCain back was pretty quick. I think people are going to wonder why it matters at all. What does come out of this is Obama made $4 million and that he got some help from an unsavory fellow. That’s not so good.

Are you fucking KIDDING me? Who ever let this fucker call himself a “Democratic Strategist”? He essentially parrots McCain talking points and completely misses what he should be saying: That John McCain and the RNC are the ones tossing bricks out of glass houses. Instead he thinks John McCain wont the argument? Please.

Here’s how this is and will play out. McCain has been exposed. He broke rule number 3 of political campaigning. You never go after your opponent on an issue that exposes you. John McCain, his rich wife, their seven (or 8, or 12) houses, and the entirety of the GOP argument are now laid bare for all to see. Their arugula has come back to bite them in the ass. Big time.

Here is a guy whose wife runs up a quarter million on an AMEX and lets “dependent children” run up $50,000 and he wants to start lobbing charges of elite? Say that again to yourself. Cindy and John’s children have run up between $15,000 – $50,000 in expenses. In a month. Cindy spends upwards of a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS. In a month.

Nobody on that panel came even close to anything resembling objective “journalism”. If they had, they’d have noted that it was the RNC and John McCain who went negative and their glass houses are currently being destroyed.

The American people can understand someone who becomes popular, writes books, and makes enough money to buy a home worth $1,000,000. Hell, this is the guy who just 4 years ago paid off his student loans! It’s an American success story. How long has Cindy and John been allowing their kids to carry $50,000 AMEX bills and going on quarter million dollar shopping sprees?

What the American people will not understand is someone who attacks his opponent for supposedly being elitist while his wife spends like a drunken sailor and his kids go wild with their mommy daddy AMEXs. The American people won’t want to hear straight talk from someone who attacks his opponent for being elitist while talking about kitchen table issues – while himself having more than his share of kitchen tables (7 or more).

Lou Dobbs, Diana West, Miguel Perez, and Hank Sheinkopf attempting to spin this as Obama throwing stones from glass houses is just laughable. Barack Obama came from humble beginnings and lived out the American dream and has actually worked on the ground to make people’s lives better. John McCain crashed planes, abandoned a disabled wife, and married a younger filthy rich beer heiress to launch a political career to make up for not being able to become a Navy Admiral.

You want to know what really happened to the post-partisan lofty rhetoric Lou? Republicans killed it. To think that Obama would just sit and watch is naive. John McCain is a liar who promised a campaign on issues. He has thus far run an absolute dishonorable campaign. Why aren’t you asking these types of questions Lou?

When you criticize “the national media”, remember you are part of it. Hold up a mirror some time.

The “Seven Houses” matters because it shatters the glass house from which McCain and the RNC has been lobbing bricks. There was a risk in McCain attempting to frame Obama as elitist while knowing it was he who had the arugula street cred. This is what happens when you succumb to the temptation to flirt with that risk. It’s not the last you’ll hear of it either. Joe Biden is about to completely pull back the curtain and expose the real McCain.