Rich Cordray is one of my favorite public servants for obvious reasons. The biggest reason is that Rich gets it. He knows how to use online tools and social media to reach out to people in ways that other officials don’t. I’ve also noticed that he takes this thinking offline frequently as well.

He also has some really good people working for him who get it. It’s no wonder he’s embraced new media in a way that others haven’t.

His latest is what he’ll be doing in Denver as part of the DNC. He’s not only putting up photos on Flickr, but he’s using Evoca to call from his cell phone wherever he may be (including on the convention floor) and leaving voice messages. Direct from Rich. Not a press release or blog post sent to a staffer. This will be Rich’s voice sharing with us what is going on and his thoughts on it. Outstanding.

Rich already has two messages up. I’ll be checking in on this regularly and am looking for a way to embed his messages in the sidebar during the convention.

Update: Forgot. You can also ask Rich a question!

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