It’s really not surprising at all that the Payday Lending lobby would deceive people into signing a petition they think will restrict their industry. Their in the business of duping consumers. COHHIO has a new ad out that features those who want their names back:

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  • Sandy

    The weekend news papers were filled with examples of petition circulators who lied.

    According to the Plain Dealer:

    “Soloman Harge and Robert Bonner, who both work for the Consumer Protection Association, a nonprofit group that works with low-income residents, said they watched the unidentified circulator making false statements to entice voters at a Cleveland street fair Aug. 4.

    “Bonner said the circulator told him that the petition was an effort to get a law passed to lower the interest rates and save 6,000 jobs. He said he told the man he was lying and stood nearby as he gave the same pitch to other voters about lowering the interest rate.

    ‘ “We explained to people what the real issue was, and they said no they were not going to sign that and walked away,” Bonner said. “He said we were harassing him.”

    And this from the Dayton Daily News:

    “Alan Noble is no dummy — he is a retired middle school teacher with a master’s degree — yet he says he got duped.

    “Earlier this month, outside Aldi’s grocery in Englewood, a man to ask Noble to sign a petition that the man claimed would lower interest rates charged by payday lenders, Noble said.

    ‘ “He was very emphatic about it. There was no miscommunication. He was very clear,” Noble said. The man even pointed to a nearby payday lending store and said ‘They’re the bad guys,’ according to Noble.

    “Noble signed the petition but later found out in the Dayton Daily News that the petition is campaign to repeal one of the nation’s toughest short-term lending laws. The law caps annual interest rates at 28 percent, down from the current 391 percent.’’

  • DonnieDarko

    This video is great! Just goes to show you that you can’t trust everything that Kim Norris says! With so many people getting the wrong information, it’s clear that the payday lobby really DOESN’T take their petitioner training very seriously!

    I wish the payday lobby would simply start telling the truth: that passage of their citizen free “citizen referendum” would result in the continuation of 391% interest rates!

    I’m going to VOTE YES ON ISSUE 5!

  • DonnieDarko

    The payday lobby is touting their new endorsement of the Ohio Grocers Association, but aren’t disclosing why they got the endorsement. It just so happens that Ohio Grocers Association President and CEO, Tom Jackson, is the father-in-law of former Republican candidate John Rabenold and Check ‘n Go lobbyist! Seems the payday lenders couldn’t squeeze out any legitimate endorsements and had to go within the family for support!

    Don’t fall for the payday lobby’s deceptive tactics!

    I think this deserves a new post all on its own, Eric! Look into it, please!

  • Kimba

    When Rabenold ran unsuccessfully for the Ohio House, he got a boatload of money from the payday lenders. That was one of the reasons he lost the primary.

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