Ben is right. We’ll probably not agree much. He does see the Obama VP announcement similar to how I saw it. The campaign was bested by CNN and the MSM saw this campaign plan as on overt challenge to them. They won. The question is, does that matter? Was this a success or failure?

You have to view this in terms of the goals of the campaign. I hardly think it was to actually best the MSM and get the pick to their supporters before information leaked out. If it was, they failed. The only way to do that would have been to – as c|net’s Tim Leberecht points out – break it before CNN pre-emptively by announcing it earlier than you had said you would knowing the lid would come off.

But, again, that wasn’t the real goal. The real goal was to build suspense and gather important data points (cell phone numbers) from supporters.

On both of these points the campaigns scored an unmitigated success.

tweetip has a cool timeline

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