Eventually the whole POW thing is going to wear itself out as an excuse for John McCain – sooner than later, if you ask me.

I guess the question you have to ask yourself is: is this funny yet?

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If you said yes, then John McCain is going to have to find a new excuse.

  • Amber

    I’m going to call “foul” on this.

    My husband is a U.S. Army veteran that joined the Army to serve his country. HIS father was in combat in Vietnam 2 times and in Combat 2 times in Korea.

    Torture is NOT funny EVER. Do you know what they did to those guys? As a lady I won’t repeat gory details of the stories I have heard of shoving broken glass up their urethras. They were not all baby killers.

    Even as a democrat that doesn’t agree with war AT ALL, this isn’t funny.

    You need to stick to the issues and beat McCain on qualifications not these schoolyard games. I’m surprised I thought YOU wanted Obama because you wanted change from Carl Rove type smears.

    You should ashamed of yourself, you are going to lose a fan.

  • I also have a family with a long history of military service including my father (vietnam) and both my grandfathers (WWII) and my sister and brother-in-law (currently on active duty).

    Service to country is very important- but it isn’t, in and of itself, a qualification for being President.

    And being in the military is certainly not a catch-all excuse for everything a person ever does wrong.

    And I also believe that REAL torture is never funny- which is why I’m voting against the Republicans.

  • Amber

    I can get behind that.


    Through history republicans haven’t always been bad…which is sad. We have had good and bad from both parties and now its time for a good democrat.

    And yes being tortured isn’t a qualification for being president, but service to something besides voter fraud A.C.O.R.N. is.

    I’m watching DNC on ABC right now, and I just saw Michelle give a conflicting story, on how she me Barak. Trust me a lady doesn’t forget the day she met her husband. I think she is reading from a prepared statement. (that is different from her interview with Couric a month ago)

    I don’t like her already. If they are going to say anything to get elected they need to at least convince me they they aren’t saying anything to get elected. ha ha

  • Amber

    I was expecting more. Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping.

    Someone get the mic from Sasha..that isn’t good. (or cute)

  • Honestly, I read this post as poking fun at McCain’s constant and overused “POW” card. I did not get that Joe was saying torture is funny or acceptable.

  • Amber

    THE Family guy VIDEO was making fun.

    And Joe asked, is it funny yet.

    Torture is what happened to Mccain. It is difficult to separate that from his POW experience in any context.



  • THE Family Guy VIDEO was making fun of McCain constantly using his POW status (and torture) as a reason he should be President.

    Joe was making fun of his apparent use of it to excuse anything and everything he has done to screw up.

    Cheat on wife? He was a POW!!!

    Got too many houses? He was a POW!!!

    The torture aspect of it is not funny, of course. The continued use of this one aspect of his life as qualification to be President and excuse for every single mistake he has ever made or will make IS funny…and mockable.


    AOL must agree with you. They pulled the video. LOL.

  • Amber

    The POW thing is getting tired, but this is what I am talking about…we need to be above these histrionic statements.

    McCain has never used his POW status as an excuse for cheating on his wife or that he has to many house.

    This election could be won by pure logic and facts and s t r e t c h i n g the truth to paint McCain in the light you see him is beneath us.

    We don’t like it when THEY do it to OUR candidate, so we shouldn’t do it to theirs.

    WIN ON FACTS not hysterics.

    I thought we are under a mandate to take the “Higher Road” this election?

    Thanks again guys,

    Good discussion!

  • “McCain has never used his POW status as an excuse for cheating on his wife or that he has to many house.” – This is false. His campaign sure did. Precisely that.

    I quit winning on facts in 2004. Didn’t you?

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