I stopped reading Kos a long time ago specifically because of shit like this

If Obama’s core message is ‘change’ and ‘judgment’ based on his prescience on the Iraq War vote, well then, Biden is the exact opposite of those things.

Are you still pissed because Biden didn’t show up at YearlyKos last year, Markos? Or is it something more personal than that?

We finally have a presidential candidate that seems to inspire everyone… except you, of course.

The perfect candidate doesn’t exist. Never did and never will.

We have Obama and Biden this time around and, in my opinion, it’s a damn strong ticket.

If you want to sit around daydreaming and whining then be my guest. We’ll win this one without you.

I’m really starting to agree with Russo:

“Kos doesn’t matter. Not one bit.”

  • sra

    We finally have a presidential candidate that seems to inspire everyone… except you, of course.

    I’m not much of a kos reader, but I don’t think it serves anyone well to claim that everyone is pleased with Obama and Biden. As enthusiastic as many of the Obama supporters are, a lot of people still don’t feel that way.

    Rasmussen has a bit up today about the kind of responses Biden as VP is getting.

  • I saw that poll. The thing I found interesting about it was that while 25% disagreed with the choice- 35%were “not sure”.

    Which kind of supports the theory that the VP choice isn’t really important to most people.

    I’m sure plenty of women disagreed with the choice just because it wasn’t Hillary- without really taking the time to consider what Biden brings that Hillary doesn’t.

    For starters, how about the fact that the GOP only has one video of Biden saying negative things about Obama- and they used it in their recent commercial.

    Do you know how much video there is of Hillary out there attacking Obama? And not just on his readiness for leadership. She attacked him on healthcare and every other issue in the campaign.

    That would have been a DISASTER.

    Biden may not be the perfect VP choice- but he certainly helps tell Obama’s story really well and he also might help win over some of the rural white voters – the same ones who support Hillary.

    I really am sorry we didn’t get a female nominee this time- but I’m honestly not convinced Hillary would do more to help women that Obama will.

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