Tom DeFrank:

Pay absolutely no attention to yet another round of dope stories today that John McCain is mulling Colin Powell as a running mate. They’re absolutely bogus – leaks from the McCain camp to get the political and media chatteratti to change the subject for a few hours.

Powell is NOT going to be on the McCain ticket, and McCain knows it himself. So do his advisers.

When the Arizona senator called on the retired general and national icon to solicit his endorsement a few weeks back, the Veepship came up, and Powell said that was a total non-starter. “Colin was absolutely unambiguous,” a source privy to the conversation told The Mouth. “It will never happen, and John and his people know it.”

This makes you hope the Obama endorsement stories are true. 😉

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  • Len

    Powell still commands a lot of admiration and respect, so I can see where this is coming from, but I’m not sure how well it would really go over. Obama has been anti-war from Go, and Powell helped the administration make its case for the war. It would be awkward at the very least, I think.

  • I think Powell has regrets with getting pushed to make the case for war on shoddy intelligence. I think his endorsement of Obama would be incredibly powerful to the Is out there looking for a reason.

    I’m not sure given what Powell has said since the invasion of Iraq and his leaving the administration that it would be that awkward. Awkward for McCain and the GOP maybe. It would smack of a defection and if Powell framed it the right way it could work to both of their benefit.

    And actually your characterization that he “helped the administration make its case for war” is factually correct, but leaves out that he spent two and a half hours trying to persuade George W. Bush not to invade Iraq.

    “I tried to avoid this war. I took him [Bush] through the consequences of going into an Arab country and becoming the occupiers.”

  • Len

    I realize that, but we both know that political campaigns aren’t big on details, they’re painted in broad brush strokes. People aren’t going to remember that two and a half hours, they’re going to remember his UN presentation on imaginary WMD. As for the awkwardness, I was thinking more from Obama’s perspective.

    Just my opinion. I live in Ohio during a presidential election; I know what I have to do. Biden’s presence makes doing it a lot easier for me, but frankly I couldn’t care less who Powell endorses.

  • I hear ya. Good points. It’s not that important to me either, just interesting.

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