First Robert Novak says:

Powell probably will enter Obama’s camp at a time of his own choosing.

Now Mike Allen says:

Retired Gen. Colin Powell is among the potential running mates who have been considered by John McCain, campaign advisers told Politico.

I’d note the chatter that Colin Powell would not only endorse Obama, but possibly speak at the convention was pretty widespread. It doesn’t appear he’ll be at the convention, but Allen writing that he’s even being considered a McCain VP pick is pretty shocking given all I’ve read on the subject. Given that the biggest source was Bill Kristol, it’s hard not to think the opposite might be true.

I tend to think neither will happen.

Update: Powell, Obama – something big in the works?

Here’s a prediction: Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama.

I’m not pulling this out of thin air. I’m basing my forecast on a series of phone calls that I received this week. I can’t say who called me, but I can tell you one of the questions I was asked:

“What do you think the reaction would be if former Secretary of State Colin Powell – a Republican – introduced Democrat Obama at his big acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium after being made the nominee?”

My reply: “It would seal the deal. It would be the presidency.”

I don’t think Powell will go to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, but based on the recent conversations, I have to believe that something big is in the works.

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