I’ve been watching a lot of TV over the past few weeks between the never ending diaper changing, bottle washing and baby feeding.

I recently started watching ‘How It’s Made’ late in the evening on Discovery (did you know the average bee hive produces 7 pounds of honey A DAY?!) – but normally it’s just news – CNN and MSNBC.

I’ve very happy and quite surprised that the story about McCain’s 7 houses got so much play – and it really does look like it’s going to prompt a lot more scrutiny and research into McCain’s rich, elitist lifestyle on the part of the MSM.

But there is also another political story that keeps coming up for some reason. It involves a new WSJ/NBC News poll that shows Clinton would be leading McCain 49 to 43 if she was the Democratic candidate. Obama is only leading McCain by 3 points (45 percent to 42).

Of course, the diehard Hillary supporters are out if force saying stuff like: “SEE! We told you Hillary was the better candidate!”

But the one thing I am not hearing is any reasonable analysis of this poll. Specifically, someone needs to remind viewers (and these crazy PUMAs) that Hillary is NOT the candidate.

If she was the candidate, then McCain would have spent $30+ million running negative ads against HER last month. And the media would be constantly picking apart every little statement SHE made. And people would be getting tired of hearing about HER in the news every day.

Hillary is now polling exactly where Obama was polling (6 points ahead) before she dropped out of the race and went into hiding. Hillary is polling exactly where Obama was polling before the Republican attack machine went on the offensive against Obama. However, when she dropped out of the race, McCain was polling 2 points AHEAD of her.

What people should really recognize about this poll is that McCain is now polling behind every Democrat – nominee or not. And, despite all of the attacks, Obama is still polling better than McCain.

Yes the lead is smaller- but it’s still a lead. And if you look at the history of this poll, you’ll see that McCain has NEVER polled higher than Obama in the year they’ve been conducting it. Not once.

  • Amber

    There is a new Ludacris Obama video!

    “Who Cares if Hillary Leads McCain by 6?!”


    I’m not a part of PUMA but correctly stated Obama is the still the presumptive nominee. Hillary has not given up her delegates (yet) and Obama has not made good on his promise to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt.

    There are many dynamics at work here and I am prepared to support whichever candidate wins the nomination.

    My fear is some lost piece of information about Obama coming to light on Monday night Tuesday A.M. Which I think would split the party. At this point I don’t think Hillary cares about that.

    Obama has made some moves that look like strategery.

    1. Attempting to control the news cycle by withholding his announcement of his running mate AND releasing it via text, so news outlets will be scrambling. (too busy to field an “off” story)

    2. And stacking up his family Michelle, her brother and his Sister, for speaches the first night. I think someone said it looks like sandbaging?
    Why is he/DNC trying to reintroduce to them the first night? I think THAT looks like a preemptive move against a bad oppo release. Like see? You know me, You met my family. If delegates reject that, I fear Obama supporters will decry “racism”. Very sad for the party.

    If there is ANYTHING that republicans don’t want, it is McCain vs. Hillary (Strangely, they think they can beat Obama) So no oppo info will come from the McCain camp.

    If Hillary has oppo to release, to attempt to scoop the nomination OBAMA knows it and knows it will come out on Monday night OR Tuesday A.M. so it can’t be countered in the 24 Hr. news cycle before roll call vote.

    We are expecting that ANY oppo Hillary has might use as a salvo will break by MSNBC. We are told some top decision makers are “in the tank” (not on air talent) for Hillary at this point.

    ABC is also one to watch because I hear Eisner is feeling dissed by Edwards, And he supports the Israel/jewish vote, which is enthusiasm for supporting for Obama since his visit to Israel.

    Hillary’s brother met with McCain’s manager yesterday and I think that was a shot across the bow to DNC. (nominate me or else)

    I didn’t link to any of this stuff because I assume you all know it.


  • Well, since every other Democratic candidate for President has endorsed Obama (except maybe Kucinich) – including Hillary Clinton, I think it’s pretty clear he’s our nominee.

    And because Hillary is no longer in the race, it’s ridiculous to even include her in a poll now. It’s irrelavant information.

    We might as well poll McCain vs Gore. Or John Kennedy. Or the 1927 Yankees. Or a ham sandwich.

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