Obama/Biden has a certain ring to it. Just sayin’.

Obama/Kaine has obvious problems. Say it fast and it has “McCain” in it.

Obama/Sebelius is too complicated. Like something in a medical dictionary.

Obama/Bayh sounds too much like “Obama bye”.

Obama/Clinton sounds fine really. Doesn’t roll off the tongue like Biden.

On ticket name alone the lead would have to go to Biden. Plus his name is “Joe”.

Awaiting a text. Don’t try to fool me. Every idiot and his brother has already tried. One side benefit of this text game is that it has spawned numerous pranksters. Hilarity, really.

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  • spinfoss

    i’m almost ready to stop giving a shit.

    oh wait! my phone!

    just my wife saying she’s on her way home.

  • Amber


    Bumper Sticker Could Indicate Bayh Is Obama’s Veep

    LENEXA, Kan. — After weeks of speculation and days of intense rumors, the answer to who Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama would name as his running mate may have come down to a bumper sticker printed in Lenexa.

  • It’s not Bayh according to AP and Reuters

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