Dave Stacy of Nixguy calls the wahmbulance over at his AOL blog. It’s funny, really. His guy plays the patriot card. The black guy with your white daughter card. The arugula card. The elitist card. Dave says shit.

Obama slaps McCain with a roundhouse to the side of the head with his own narrative and Dave can’t take it. Negative McCain ad after negative McCain ad and Dave ignores it. Completely. Obama fights back and all of a sudden? Dave wants a clean campaign. Sorry, bitch. Your guy started this. Obama’s gonna finish it.

The Maverick is the only one supposed to run negative adds. Wahhhhh! Obama is not supposed to fight back! Wahhhhhh! Kerry never did this! Wahhhhh!

Wah fucking wah! When the righties are whining, we are winning.

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  • Please. I’m not whining, and I pointed out that I expected this.

    The point is, that Obama campaigned on a clean uplifting campaign. Note that there was no conditions that I’ll run a clean campaign only if the other guy does.

    He was either naive or lying. And neither of those options does him credit.

    Obviously you and I are partisans and we love the full on attack mode, I certainly do myself. But perhaps I should be permitted to make a post or two contrasting Obamas words and deeds? is that OK with you?

  • boohoo.


  • @1: Haha. You even whine in the comment!

    First of all, I’d point out that the ad is factual. Right? It doesn’t mislead anyone. McCain has a bunch of houses. He forgot how many. He’s not in touch with the average American. Obama’s comments are factual. McCain said rich equals 5 million or more. He said he doesn’t know how many houses he has.

    I mean, it’s not like he’s just attacking McCain for being too popular, a maverick, or old. He’s actually making a COUNTER attack. It was McCain and your Republicans who first tried to make “arugula” stick.

    The chickens have come home to roost. There’s nothing nasty or negative about this line of attack. Obama never promised he wouldn’t fight back. In fact, he promised he would.



  • PS: Nice cess pool of commentary over at AOL. LOL! Shit.

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