Bowl me over with a stiff left jab! Tim has the news that Muhammad Ali will be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. It’s no secret. I’m an Ali fan.


Reports are true. When he called me with the news I indeed spilled cut watermelon all over my kitchen floor. This news is making it even tougher to not be able to go out to Denver for the festivities, but I can’t. Sigh.

It’s also not lost on me the parallels between Ali and Obama in terms of strategy in both boxing and politics. It wasn’t lost on Tim. It wasn’t lost on AJ Rossmiller either.

We are entering the late round. Obama may or may not be emulating the rope-a-dope, but he’s coming out swinging lately and may have just landed a game changer in “Seven“.

I’ve been saying it for a long time, Obama Bomaye!

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