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The GOAT in Denver?

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Bowl me over with a stiff left jab! Tim has the news that Muhammad Ali will be in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. It’s no secret. I’m an Ali fan.


Reports are true. When he called me with the news I indeed spilled cut watermelon all over my kitchen floor. This news is making it even tougher to not be able to go out to Denver for the festivities, but I can’t. Sigh.

It’s also not lost on me the parallels between Ali and Obama in terms of strategy in both boxing and politics. It […]

Full Story... won’t put it this way, but I will. Because I’m profane. And direct. If you think Barack Obama is presenting a forged birth certificate and that he somehow wasn’t really born in the United States of America, you are a dumb motherfucker. Period. DOES say this though:

Of course, it’s distantly possible that Obama’s grandparents may have planted the announcement just in case their grandson needed to prove his U.S. citizenship in order to run for president someday. We suggest that those who choose to go down that path should first equip themselves with a high-quality tinfoil […]

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To all my Puritanical Wingnut Fans:

Remember what our good friend Bernie Mac says (RIP): Don’t be afraid of the word motherfucker.

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Help Wanted: The Pajama Jam!

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Let’s face it: politics can be pretty boring. Even for people who follow it every day.

24 hour news plays the same damn stories 23 hours a day. He said, she said, blah blah blah.

Sure, you can volunteer. Stuff some envelopes. Make some calls. Help get out the vote.


How would you like to participate in something that isn’t boring?

Well, you are in luck.

I just got off a call with some people who are working on one of THE most hilarious projects ever.

It’s going to be big and it’s going to be funny as […]

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Mary Jo Kilroy’s Story

On August 21, 2008 By

Watching the new Kilroy ad…

I swear I recognize some of those pictures from my parents’ photo albums!

It’s great because it’s so familiar. How many of us grew up in Cleveland, worked our way through college at OSU and then decided to stay in Columbus?

Hell- I bet even Matt Naugle can relate to this ad.

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GYWO: The Race Card

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a narrative!

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McCain’s Mansions. NOT Elitist!

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Wow. Just wow. THAT’S the old pepper. I’m sure the PeeDee and those other paragons of journalism who report people dead before they actually pass away will find a way to make this factual ad negative. I mean, he either owns 7 houses or he doesn’t, right. NOT ELITIST!

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