It’s not just me saying it:

McCain’s campaign theme is that he puts the country first and Obama puts himself above his country. It’s understandable why this son and grandson of admirals–who has served his country in one way or another since he was 18-years-old, who has never been on a private payroll beyond that of his beer distributor father-in-law–would see himself as someone who puts “America first.” He has been a largely honorable public servant for 54 years, and it’s acceptable within the confines of sharp debate to portray his opponent as a self-regarding celebrity.

But when he resorts to these kinds of falsehoods, and casts such aspersions on his opponent’s patriotism, John McCain is no longer putting his country first. If he were, he would recognize that the interests of the nation require a relatively truthful campaign. To fulfill his image of himself, McCain should stop lying about his opponent. For a man with his claims to honor and integrity, that’s not too much to ask.

  • Saying Alter agrees with you is like me saying Bill Kristol agrees with me and it is then a fact.

    Alter doesnt even pretend anymore to be neutral (which is fine); he is approaching Eleanor Clift levels.

  • Yeah, so I guess I better not say it. If you can’t see the dishonorable nature of his campaign then you know shit about honor.

    I know McCain was a bad midshipman, but he could have at least learned the Honor Concept.

    So you say Hillary will be the VP and no way Obama will be President. You hedged on the VP thing, but you are on the record. I say you are wrong on both accounts. Ready to wager?

  • Not on Hillary. That is just my speculation as I said. I dont want to be right on it either, so I wouldnt want to win.

    As far as Obama / McCain, I think we can work something out.

  • Heh. More I think about it the more I would want to lose the Hillary thing as well.

    Let’s think on the wager. Something fun for the good of the ‘sphere. 😉

  • Agreed.

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