Update 2: CNN reporting that she has NOT died. WTF? I’m seeing headlines change left and right. It must be a situation where she probably will not make it, but hasn’t officially passed away. Hopefully someone will get what really is happening soon.

Update: I’m hearing now that Tubbs Jones has passed away. Massive brain trauma and she was taken off life support this morning. Rumors of her demise appear to be true.

ht brewedfresh tweet, via PD:

CLEVELAND — Representatives for U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones are expected to update her condition around noon.

Her condition is believed to be serious and rumors are flying that she had died.

Her spokesman Joe Hewitt said “she has not passed.”

The update will come about 15 hours after Tubbs Jones is believed to have suffered a brain aneurysm while driving in Cleveland Heights. She was rushed to Huron Road Hospital Tuesday night.

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