That’s OK. I’m gay for Rachel Maddow too. Dan Abrams – who airs after Olbermann – is to be replaced by Rachel Maddow on 9/8/08.

Just in time for the closing rush of the presidential election, MSNBC is shaking up its prime-time programming lineup, removing the long-time host –- and one-time general manager of the network — Dan Abrams from his 9 p.m. program and replacing him with Rachel Maddow, who has emerged as a favored political commentator for the all-news cable channel.

Maddow has said that she hopes to move into a more general style of program after the election, more along the lines of her Air America radio program. One of the things I like about Maddow is that she’s unabashedly liberal, unabashedly tough – and unabashedly even-handed. She won’t shovel propaganda. I hope the show does well. I’ll watch.