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Obama VP Pick Countdown

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Getting close. Expected by Wednesday. You can be the first to know (I’m getting a text message, are you?). The NYT is reporting it is now down to 3: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware.

Now would be a good time to get your picks in the poll to the right.

I don’t think it will be Bayh due to the issue of the Iraq War, which has been and will continue to be central to the campaign. Biden would be a great pick as […]

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The Greening of the Convention

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The national convention is coming up and there is a race to make it as green as possible. Imagine hybrid electric trucks delivering soft drinks, recycling centers throughout the facility, biodegradable discount cards, special power strips to cut energy consumption, solar and wind power usage to power the event.

Sounds like a bunch of hippie Buddhists, right?

Doh! It’s the RNC! If there were ever any doubts that we won the environmental movement, this should erase them.

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McCain’s “Cone of Silence”

On August 18, 2008 By

He really WAS in a “cone of silence” afterall:

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Don’t be Misled by the Truth!

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Un-fucking-real. What a joke this whole joint dead tree media rate the political ad is. The latest installment we find that the truth is misleading. Cincy Enquirer’s Gergory Korte lets us know to “beware the factual”:

‘Facts’ are true, but Obama ad misleads

It’s possible for every fact in a political ad to be true, but the sum total to be misleading. Such is the case with this ad.

BTW, Korte also found this ad negative:

But apparently completely ignoring policy and comparing Obama to Paris Hilton is just “factual”. Or something.

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These people are ill. The latest email smear floating around (and wingnut meme) is that Barack Obama supports infanticide. He will not only fuck your white daughter, but he will take your babies, kill them, and eat them! Seriously.

The latest from the inbox originated from Frankie&Dwight (


Everyone needs to watch this.

great guy – huh
you make up your own mind.

Here is the smear video:

The interesting thing is that it features Jill Stanek, know anti-freedom crusader who has blogged that the Chinese eat fetuses. […]

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At first I thought they were talking about a rightwing blogger with pseudonym gordon gekko, but they were talking about Barack Obama. Great response by Brian Deese (again) to the tax scare tactics. “Another Friday. Another lying, distorting attack ad from the McCain campaign on taxes”. LOL. Brilliant!

Original McCain negative attack ad (as not certified by the Plain Dealer) after the jump

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