Ahum. That didn’t take long. I asked for it and it appears Team Obama is gonna give it to me (and many others all thinking and screaming the same thing: FIGHT!). This is really great to see and it’s only a warning shot straight across the bows of those who think it will work this time:

It’s called “Unfit for Publication,” but the subtitle could be: “We Are Not John Kerry’s Campaign.”

In an move that is one part genuine pushback and one part message-sending, Obama’s campaign has released a 41-page pdf file designed to rebut accusations made in Jerome Corsi’s book, “The Obama Nation.”

The idea is to aggressively fact-check a book that is now number one on the NYT’s best-seller list. But, as made plain by the title and faux book jacket, the goal is also to demonstrate to fretting Democrats, Republicans plotting attacks and reporters watching it all that they won’t be “swift-boated” in the way John Kerry was in 2004 starting with Corsi’s book, “Unfit for Command.”

To prove this point, they don’t stop at merely fact-checking each questionable claim in the book — they also set out to attack Corsi for his fringe views, discrediting the messenger.

Of course, the lies in “The Obama Nation” almost pale in comparison to the bizarre, conspiratorial views that Jerome Corsi has advocated in his broader work,” writes the Obama campaign in what amounts to an introduction, noting the author’s fear of a purported North American Union, belief that there was a government coverup of 9/11 and past anti-Catholic comments.

They should expand on this and print it in book format and offer it as an incentive to donate. I’d donate enough to get 10 copies and pass out. Maybe more.

Fight The Smears!

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