Plunderbund is now iPhone ready. We had installed another mobile plug-in, but it was pretty lame. I found something better. If you visit the site via your iPhone you will automatically get the new version, which displays site content in a way that may change the way you interact with the site. Here’s what the site used to look like on iPhone:

Here is what it looks like now:

The content is viewable in full and easily readable without zooming or scrolling now. The red numbers show how many comments. Title, Author, and Tags are clearly listed (so use tags Brian and Joe! hehe). You can search and a menu will take you to other pages on the site. Here is how a post looks once clicked:

Again, text is clear and easy to read. Scrolling is like other iPhone apps, just a wave of the finger. Comment area is fully functional and looks great also:

If you have a WordPress powered blog, I wouldn’t hesitate to get this plugin and install it. iPhone visitors will thank you! If any Ohio WordPress based bloggers install this, I’ll instantly add a home screen icon for your blog on my phone for easy access! It’s that good.

Coming soon: Custom PB icons for iPhone version.

PS – For any iPhone users wondering how to do screen captures, just press the top button and the round home button at the same time. Click! (I found this out quite by accident)

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