I have to agree with Steve Elmendorf, Kerry’s 2004 deputy campaign manager:

Referring to Corsi’s most recent book, Elmendorf said, “It’s on the front page of The New York Times. It’s number one on The New York Times best-seller list. Right now, I would be very aggressive with reporters and factually going through the book and responding and making it clear that this is a bunch of bullsh-t.”

Don’t NOT, under any circumstances, repeat the mistakes the Kerry camp made in not going after these lies head on. Media Matters has already done a good job of debunking many falsehoods and outright smears in the book. The thing is like a compilation of email smears – a greatest hits.

Speaking of Media Matters, their Paul Waldman absolutely destroyed Jerome Corsi on Larry King Live. It was fun to watch someone go after this guy so aggressively. Dude gets destroyed and red in the face when confronted with his complete bullshit:

You’ll also note that the only reason the book is on any “best seller list” is due to bulk sales to wingnut groups. There is no overwhelming grassroots movement that is causing this thing to be popular. That is all a smokescreen. A publishing trick as old as time. Kind of like McCain’s own bundling of large contributions. All a bunch of astroturf.

Note to Obama campaign: Please take not of Elmendorf’s lessons and hit back hard and often on this BS.