I just got an email from John McCain. It’s an urgent plea for contributions before the end of the month.

The reason is obvious: McCain has accepted matching funds and can’t take any more contributions after that.

The letter makes it sound like he is accepting matching funds because of some promise he made. The truth, of course, is he is such a poor candidate that he can’t even raise enough money from his own party to run a viable campaign.

But that doesn’t stop him from running with garbage like this…

“My friends, I have made many promises during this campaign – promises I intend to keep. First and foremost, I promise to put our country first, before my own self interest. I have put my country first throughout my entire life. I owe America more than she has ever owed me. ”

Listen, Mr. McCain: if you REALLY loved your country you would drop out of the race now.

If you really want to put America above your own self interest – then you should drop out now and let the country recover from the failed economic and foreign policies of our current president – policies you have embraced and promised to continue.

Or maybe you don’t love your country THAT much?

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