This is classic. Hannity gets his assed handed to him after going apeshit about John Edwards’ affair. The question was always hanging out there like the 500 pound elephant in the room. John Edwards is not the nominee for either party. John McCain is. John McCain cheated on his wife and left her for rich arm candy while she suffered with injuries sustained in a car accident. So what about John McCain’s family values? Hmmm???

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  • sra

    Hannity’s response is great: “We can’t judge him! FIVE YEARS OF POW!!! Let’s see how you act after being beaten for five years!”

    So this makes McCain seem more appealing how? It’s like Hannity is saying, sure this guy is a crazy jerk, but would you be less of a jerk given the circumstances? Are people supposed to elect the president they just feel more sorry for?

  • The McCain campaign has for a while been flailing around such that you would indeed think this could be a strategy!

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