The story about the Arkansas man who flipped out at his job at Target and proceeded to shoot and kill the Arkansas Democratic Party Chair may be yet another indication of the severe psychosis and hate filled rhetoric of the right. It’s unclear the motivation that Timothy Dale Johnson had for committing his crime, but it will be interesting to see what, if any, political motivations he may have had. I find it hard to believe there were none given who he targeted.

It sounds though, as if they guy just snapped:

Johnson’s co-worker says graffiti laced with curse words concerning a hallway were found by management. The graffiti said, “This hall is too god damn* narrow.”

Store managers called a meeting. We’re told they asked if whoever wrote the graffiti to step forward and admit it and he or she wouldn’t be fired. Our source says store management later found the same graffiti signed and dated by Johnson.

Over the next hour or so, Johnson’s co-worker says he wrote on a door and another hallway again with objectionable words. “Target is run by dumb jocks and sorority bitches*.”

A third graffiti was found on the human resources door saying, “sorority bitches*.” Our source tells us that management talked with Johnson and then Johnson stormed off and left the building.

I can think of no other reason that he’d go where he did and do what he did without some sort of political motivation. This is why bigotted hate language and fear mongering smears in our politics is dangerous. Because when we say “somebody is gonna get hurt”, they will. They have. Those who profit in hate speech will no doubt take zero responsibility for the actions and absolve themselves fully, but the climate create with their words and actions is clear.

* Note: The sources story has bitches and god damn marked out. I’m guessing based on the number of letters and context.

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