The AP is reporting that Cindy McCain was in the hospital for X-rays today after “an enthusiastic supporter squeezed” her hand too firmly.

The handshake seems to have exacerbated her carpal tunnel syndrome- a condition for which she has had multiple surgeries.

Which leaves me wondering: how the hell did Cindy McCain get carpal tunnel syndrome?

Normally, it shows up in people whose jobs “require repetitive motion of the forearm, wrist and hand”.

Jobs like meat packing, lumber jacks, computer programmers and even cab drivers.

Obviously, Cindy McCain did not get carpal tunnel from any of these jobs. So where did she get it?

I’m looking for answers here, people.

My first guesses:

* Counting her money

* Opening bottles of painkillers

* Styling her hair

* Racing Stock Cars

Anyone else got a better answer?

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