Great new spot from David Robinson’s campaign, which drives home the message of change. After the Shamansky loss in ’06, you almost have to believe David can throw down a dunk like this if you think he can win. I guess that’s the point. We should focus more on this race here on PB as Tiberi is the worst kind of GOP patsy incumbent.

Robinson for Congress

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  • YES Eric!

    We must actively advocate for Robinson. He is an outstanding candidate, and all of us should spend 435 times more time campaiging for our respective Congressional picks than our President, as that is how much more influence we have over such representatives than the President.

    Here is my reaction to the Columbus Dispatch’ endorsement of the incumbent: (Post as space and your needs require.)

    Pat Tiberi is endorsed by the Columbus Dispatch Printing Company

    Columbus Ohio residents were treated to yet more of the Columbus Dispatch Printing Company’s ‘fair and balanced’ judgment; Pat Tiberi has gotten the local daily newspaper’s endorsement for Congress.

    Hopefully, the CD readers will remember their past ‘judgment’ of the printing company’s endorsements, including George W. Bush for president in both 2000 and 2004 (when shortly before the 2004 election, even the Dispatch seemed to know better.) In the midst of this latest economic crisis, that presidential endorsement has shown where the loyalties of the Wolfe family media empire really LIE.

    First, the fact that a local printing company’s public information monopoly would find it within their responsibility to endorse a candidate rather than inform the population of where the candidates stand on the issues that affect them most, is discrediting to not only the endorsement, but the legitimacy of the newspaper itself.

    The Dispatch reports, “Tiberi [is a] moderate Republican, reasonable in [his] approaches to policy issues and capable of the nitty-gritty legislative work that’s required.”

    The most glaring omission in that statement is that Tiberi has never sponsored and passed even one piece of legislation in his eight years of [dis]service.

    By this same standard, Tiberi’s voting record indicates Tiberi is just as “moderate” as he is “capable!”

    Let’s look at his “moderate” and “reasonable approach” from the pubic record of his congressional votes. As even the Dis[credited]patch noted, “most candidates are fiscal conservatives during the campaign season; the proof is what happens when they get to Capitol Hill.”

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