Jeff at ODB has a great post about today’s conference call outlining the Obama strategy in Ohio. I spent some time in the Delaware office (yes, a Democratic HQ right in dowtown and now an Obama HQ right across the street) this past week. Talking with Libby Meier, who is one of two heading up Delaware County, it is clear there is a new and different strategy on the ground in Ohio. Instead of trying to manage by precinct, the campaign is organizing into neighborhoods with teams of people working together to handle the 4-5 precincts in that area.

I’ve committed to a house party and will probably at least be involved in my neighborhood team to some extent, though probably not leading it due to family time commitments.

Call slide presentation (pdf)

The other news coming out of the call was that Ted Strickland will speak on the economy on day two of the convention. It’s great to see Ted, who was a Hillary stalwart, support Obama in this way. It’s also smart of Team Obama to include him.

There is also a big rural outreach push with some great people running it. Some I even know and if they are any indication there will be some gains made there. Barns for Obama is but one step.

Hopefully all of us who are able will get to work and help Ohio elect Obama President in the fall. It really is up to us. The right wants business as usual. We want change and progress. Let’s get ready to rumble.

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