The latest John McCain ad claims Barack Obama wants to raise taxes and increase government spending- the result of which will be fewer jobs.

Putting aside the fact that the spending and the taxing facts are overly simplified- and Obama’s plan would actually result in a tax cut for most Americans – McCain’s formula just doesn’t make any sense…

Higher Taxes
+ More Government Spending
Fewer Jobs???

The federal government is the largest employer in the US with 2.7 million employees. The average salary of a federal government employee is over $67K per year.

Compare that to the the largest private employer Walmart. Walmart employes a million and a half fewer people and pays them about $50K per year LESS- only $17K per year.

It seems to me that more government spending would actually result in more jobs- and better paying jobs at that.

  • Amber

    By your reasoning we should all work for the government?

    Double-plus good!

  • Joseph,

    Unfortunately, we all cannot work for the government. But what comes to mind is that for every dollar that the government spends, a fraction of that comes out of my household.

    Sorry, but I cannot afford anymore people not adding to the GDP of the US. Government is a tick sucking the blood out of us.

    I’d love more to see lower taxes and less government. Or at least privatize large parts of the government. 99.9% of the companies in the US can do things more efficiently than the Feds.

    If the argument is that we need the services, let’s do it as cheaply as we can. If it is about taxing us and supporting 1% (and growing) of our population that would have trouble surviving in non-government jobs, then let’s at least admit it.

    And, as a taxpayer, I find it shameful that the Feds are the largest employer in the US. The few times that I have needed them (IRS and Immigration), I walked away feeling that I did not get my money’s worth.

    At least Wal-Mart gets you in and out fast, has everything in stock, doesn’t forget to tell you to go to another office to get another form first, is OPEN 24 HOURS, and actually greets you as you walk in the door.

    Keep in mind that Wal-Mart is hourly, most Feds are salary. It is the McDonald’s of retail: where everyone goes that never took the time to learn a skill or get an education. A fairer comparison in relation to pay would be how many Fed positions can be had with no college (hovering around 0%).

    If Wal-Mart paid so poorly, why do they have no trouble attracting employees?

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