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Latest McCain Ad Really Funny

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No really. It’s funny. In a Naugle takes driver to bobblehead kinda way.

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[Warning: Inside blogosphere baseball coming. Turn away now if you don’t care about this kind of thing.]

It appears Dave Hickman (David B. Hickman Jr.), better known now as Hickmania among the leftysphere in Ohio has had his cage rattled. He’s on the loose battling both progressives and the demons in his head alike. The latest incident with John Quinn and the PeeDee’s focus on the wrong phone number being published seems to have provided the perfect jumping off point for his outlandish rants and disjointed screeds. It’s all pretty well documented in the official Dave Hickman Hickmania thread […]

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I had to promote the following comment from my Jihad Candidate post. It’s just great and does a good job of making the case for fighting these things head on. All that follows is the comment:

I received “The Jihad Candidate” in my email today. It brought me back to the fear-mongering lies folks sent by email prior to the last Presidential election. My greatest concern is that Republican candidate supporters, in general, seem to have no qualms about forwarding political material filled with serious inaccuracies and logical fallacies, while the Democratic candidate supporters seem to demonstrate no […]

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You may remember the first post with photos. Here’s a time lapse video of the painting of the barn set to an Obama speech on “being in it together”:

Barns for Obama

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