I’m often asked why I comment at WMD. I don’t have a good answer.

Alas, I was countering some GOP talking points (most all you’ll find at WMD) about tire inflation and energy policy. I guess Matt felt it wasn’t going too well for his side as the last comment I made had notice:

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

This was the comment that Matt decided to not let people see:

jerk tom? that’s how you end many arguments and windy screeds backed up by evidence from worldnetdaily.

so jerk is as jerk does i guess.

enjoy your next president, my friend. hades for you is on it’s way. 😉

ps – naugle already told me to go to hell, and all i did was tell him his site was down. you guys sure are irritable these days. wonder why?

that’s flamethrowing? LOL. hilarious.

nobody STILL has offered anything of substance which might lead one to believe that any new drilling will have so much as a negligible affect on the overall output of oil OR the price of gas.

zero. zilch. nada.

i might also add that the notion that tire inflation is the entirety of an obama energy plan is laughable. misleading. and par for the wingnut course. hell, BOTH candidates have REVERSED themselves to some degree to allow some offshore domestic increases in production as part of a larger energy plan. McCain has just reversed harder (read: more oil donations) and is using it as a key part of his campaign.

however, nobody here has proven to any degree that is acceptable that conserving oil use NOW will save more than drilling will provide NOW.

again, as blumer would say, the issue is closed and this thread is finished. there is no further room for argument on this. case closed.


Matt Hurley is not a freedom loving American afterall and does not believe in freedom of speech or dissent. How shameful Matt! Protect your buddy Tom from a virtual debate beatdown by banning me. Shame on you Matt Hurley!


  • J-Dog

    Come on, Eric. Everyone knows that freedom is not free. It was paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of neo-cons!

  • Censoring comments on one’s own blog is not a violation of the constitution. Freedom of the press belongs to the owner of the press. Of course I realize that you’re just being facetious.

    On a slightly different matter, do you think that censoring trackbacks is as bad as censoring comments? If a blogger deletes a trackback or pingback because it dissents from the original post’s pov, is that a crushing of dissent?

    And hypothetically, is a blogger who bitches about his comments being deleted from some other blog, even as he deletes trackbacks on his own blog, a hypocrite?

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  • internets! no worky! tubes!

  • Your sarcasm detector is calibrated to a high standard Brian! I’m impressed!


    I don’t view trackbacks like comments. I dont’ make a habit of “censoring” them, but I do know that they get mixed in with spam here. I look a bit for comments to rescue from spam, but I don’t look for trackbacks among the 200 or so spam hits we get a day.

  • Just to be clear, I really don’t care that Matt banned me or whatever. I don’t see a reason for him to, but it’s his call. Only two people have ever been banned here – Dave Hickman and Ralph King – both for personal attacks.

    No, make that 3. I think I banned Naugle once but reinstated him when he decided to act right. Pardon the pun.

    I really needed an excuse not to visit WMD. Kinda sad though, because I don’t want to miss stuff like this:

  • ah yes, a fan favorite.

  • Reality is there is no free speech on blogs, each of us has our own policy of how far we will let our “guests” go. I’ve only banned one person but I have deleted comments if they crossed a line that I didn’t think was appropriate. I’ve had a few take issue with that, using the same Free Speech argument. My suggestion to them was to make their own blogs, and then they could make their own rules and talk smack about whoever they wanted. You have it listed right under “Say Something” that comments here may even be deleted at your discretion.

    That said, it seems like this was just another reason to be able to use the video again. Which kind of shows just an itsy bitsy tiny reason why WMD might not welcome you there.

    Sometimes the net gets petty like that, I always laugh when I see some of the blogs that I link, that don’t link me back.


  • Agreed LR. However, during the entire video episode we had nothing but positive interactions. Who knows what tweaked their melons.

  • I’m not sure how you can read- let alone comment at WMD.

    The comment mechanism is so fucked up. It takes like 6 clicks to even see what the hell someone else posted in response.

  • don’t gotta worry about it now. and oddly enough i feel a calm come over me.

  • Fred

    You mentioned banning naugle and reinstating him…ever think that might be what Hurley is doing to you? Just a thought.

  • J-Dog

    Nah, that would make Hurley a flip-flopper, Fred.

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