I’m often asked why I comment at WMD. I don’t have a good answer.

Alas, I was countering some GOP talking points (most all you’ll find at WMD) about tire inflation and energy policy. I guess Matt felt it wasn’t going too well for his side as the last comment I made had notice:

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This was the comment that Matt decided to not let people see:

jerk tom? that’s how you end many arguments and windy screeds backed up by evidence from worldnetdaily.

so jerk is as jerk does i guess.

enjoy your next president, my friend. hades for you is on it’s way. 😉

ps – naugle already told me to go to hell, and all i did was tell him his site was down. you guys sure are irritable these days. wonder why?

that’s flamethrowing? LOL. hilarious.

nobody STILL has offered anything of substance which might lead one to believe that any new drilling will have so much as a negligible affect on the overall output of oil OR the price of gas.

zero. zilch. nada.

i might also add that the notion that tire inflation is the entirety of an obama energy plan is laughable. misleading. and par for the wingnut course. hell, BOTH candidates have REVERSED themselves to some degree to allow some offshore domestic increases in production as part of a larger energy plan. McCain has just reversed harder (read: more oil donations) and is using it as a key part of his campaign.

however, nobody here has proven to any degree that is acceptable that conserving oil use NOW will save more than drilling will provide NOW.

again, as blumer would say, the issue is closed and this thread is finished. there is no further room for argument on this. case closed.


Matt Hurley is not a freedom loving American afterall and does not believe in freedom of speech or dissent. How shameful Matt! Protect your buddy Tom from a virtual debate beatdown by banning me. Shame on you Matt Hurley!