Redhorse nails it as usual:

Speculating for a moment about why Bill’s anger flared this week, I wonder if the Clintons were told, with finality, ‘Hillary, you will not be the veep’. Release from the last slim hope she had at ascending to the presidency dashed, Bill turned changed from the man repeating the “ready from day one” mantra to “you could argue no one’s ever ready to be POTUS”; Hillary goes Harvey Dent – “I’ll campaign for you in Nevada, but only after I tell a California crowd about my ambush plans”.

Giving Bill a speaker’s role might mollify for a time, but it’s hardly tonic until November. He’s going to do something stupid later, might even be his own October Surprise. I can only hope that whatever it is, it’s so outlandishly cartoonish no one takes him seriously.

That we are even having to deal with this party split and Clinton problem narrative this late after the unity event is telling. And stupid. I hope all the PUMAs have been paying close attention to John McCain, the one they are apparently willing to rest their disgruntled fantasies on. Real close attention.