From the daily archives: Friday, August 8, 2008

The state has been trying to shut down Harmony Community School for months now because of its horrible record at educating students as well as “gross financial mismanagement”.

It turns out the financial mismanagement is even worse than originally thought.

Not only does the school owe the state $2.6 million, it also owes over $150K in federal grant money.

And worst of all: the school’s director, Deland McCullough, used $6,500 in STATE MONEY to build a new deck on his own home!

On top of all of this- think how much money it’s costing the AG’s office and […]

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Plain Dealer: Reporting FAIL

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Redhorse nails it as usual:

Speculating for a moment about why Bill’s anger flared this week, I wonder if the Clintons were told, with finality, ‘Hillary, you will not be the veep’. Release from the last slim hope she had at ascending to the presidency dashed, Bill turned changed from the man repeating the “ready from day one” mantra to “you could argue no one’s ever ready to be POTUS”; Hillary goes Harvey Dent – “I’ll campaign for you in Nevada, but only after I tell a California crowd about my ambush plans”.

Giving Bill a speaker’s role might […]

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I surely hope someone can look into the deeper connections between John Sidney McCain and Mustafa Abu Naba’a.

What a name. Mustafa Abu Naba’a. Sounds Muslim or something. Maybe even…


John McCain’s campaign announced Thursday night that it’s returning about $50,000 in contributions believed to be brought in by a foreign citizen.

The actions late Thursday followed a move earlier in the day by the campaign that it would be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations brought in by Florida businessman Harry Sargeant, after reports that his business partner – Mustafa Abu Naba’a, […]

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GYWO: Josh Groban

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Ted Strickland on the O-Train!

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