As you’ve probably noticed, John McCain reads most of his speeches directly from a printed page or some kind of hand-written cards. Not sure which- but I am pretty sure the words are in REALLY BIG LETTERS because he never wears glasses.

You can tell he’s reading because he pauses every few words and looks down at the podium or, in the case of the recent biker rally speech, the music stand, so he can remember the 8 or 9 words that make up the cute little Obama-attacking one-liner that his handlers are making him say.

He seems to reference those cards pretty damn often too- like every few words. Which isn’t too surprising, really. Memory problems are pretty common with the elderly.

It’s kind of painful to watch- and a pretty good indicator of how McCain is going to perform in the debates without a set of cards in front of him.

If I was John McCain- I’d start practicing. Like right now.

Because when you can’t make a speech without a bunch of paper in front of you- or when that paper gets messed up – you’ll eventually end up like this…