John Gerard Quinn is the guy who heckled Barack Obama from the press riser at an event in Ohio yesterday.

We haven’t had time to do a thorough check of Mr. Quinn’s past- but I promise we are looking into him and there is certainly more info to come.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. He’s a registered Republican – which explains his dislike of Obama (but not his recent outburst)

2. He’s a nutjob and- yes- an asshat – which TOTALLY explains his recent outburst

3. He’s a professional photographer – which may explain how he got press credentials for the event and also leads us down a new path …

With just a few minutes of research I discovered some interesting quotes from Mr. Quinn, photographer, that may provide a litte more insight into the guy and his asshattedness.

My initial reaction is that Quinn is one of those guys who seems to be obsessed with his career choice: photographer. Actually, he considers himself more than just a photographer- he actually believes he’s an artist – even though he is, most likely, a mediocre practitioner of said art.

I’m guessing he’s one of those guys who gets in fights with other photographers because they aren’t as obsessed as he is. The kind of guy who can quote famous photographers and, in the same sentence, ridicule them. The kind of guy who owns every expensive lens available and is eagerly awaiting the release of the next one so he can complain about its flaws.

Also, he’s the kind of guy who proudly uses all three of his names: John Gerard Quinn, Esquire. Except, of course, when people ask him his name at a press event.

All of that is, for the most part, conjecture.

But given that he is, for a fact, the kind of guy who would abuse his press credentials to rudely interrupt our future President, I figure he deserves to be ridiculed as thoroughly and as often as possible.

So here are two hil-fucking-larious examples of the inner workings of this nutjob’s mind- that both go totally against what he did today.

If the recent Anthrax story has taught us anything about people who take their jobs too seriously – it should be quite obvious that Mr. Quinn needs his press pass and his camera taken away immediately!

From a post on a Photo-Journalism Forum

Recently, I was on a national assignment and noticed another photo-j actually pose someone who was part of a newsworthy story. After the photo-j captured the image I noticed the individual walk off in haste; like they were violated photographically.

Report the facts and respect the truth. Always keep it real. It’s not a photo shoot where you are the director that’s different.

If it’s news and actual newsworthy authentic journalism, do not pose the victim, protester or any subject. Good journalism exists when the photographer finds the right moment and captures it without interference.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
September 7, 1997

(From an article about Princess Di’s Death)

We as the mass audience must squelch the desire for lurid journalism. This tragedy is proof that not only certain publications and paparazzi have overstepped the bounds of true, newsworthy journalism, but we the mass audience have as well. Especially, if we pander to such tabloids. There would not be such a greed-ridden thirst for the attainment of images if there was a market for them, and we are that market.

We as the mass audience have the right to be informed of news worthy information and truth in journalism needs to be precedent for credibility. The lack of social responsibility for good news worthy journalism is evident in this tragedy. The fact is this kind of relentless media with their parasitic image makers have no respect for anyone’s dignity; especially when it comes to leaders of this world. They attack with full force and their pursuits may have put a princess to death.

The real truth is in reflection. The art of photography is based upon the reflection of light. The tragedy of Princess Diana’s death remorsefully shows our own society’s reflection with all our flaws and failings. It is time to take a good look at the media as well as ourselves.