From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 6, 2008

John Gerard Quinn is the guy who heckled Barack Obama from the press riser at an event in Ohio yesterday.

We haven’t had time to do a thorough check of Mr. Quinn’s past- but I promise we are looking into him and there is certainly more info to come.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. He’s a registered Republican – which explains his dislike of Obama (but not his recent outburst)

2. He’s a nutjob and- yes- an asshat – which TOTALLY explains his recent outburst

3. He’s a professional photographer – which may explain how he got […]

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Tim has the details

For security reasons, all guests attending the event are being asked to park at the following location:

555 Metro Place North Dublin, OH 43017

Don’t take the first right, take the second. The first is Upper Metro Pl, the second is Metro Pl N. Have fun kids!

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The McCain Energy Trap

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Good piece from Sam Stein talking about how McCain has essentially painted himself into a no-win corner with his energy stand:

McCain is stuck in a conundrum: express support for the Gang of Ten and incur the wrath of anti-tax crusaders or continue rolling the dice against public opinion and risk being painted as a stooge of the oil lobby. His $1.3 million in oil and gas donations in June only furthers the frame.

The compromise just agreed to includes some offshore drilling and Obama has hedged on this to get a compromise. If he talks about it correctly, […]

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Please be reminded. These were prepared remarks. That he read. Not well. Now, enjoy:

Is it not the height of desperation when you offer up your wifes tits and ass for votes?

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…tagline embellishment property of Plunderbund LLC

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McCain: Original Maverick?

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more of this please. thanks.

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