Tire gauge gate? The hilarity which is the modern day Republican Party is beside itself. They got Obama good this time! He is so out of touch he’s now offering common sense energy solutions to Americans that actually work!


But this whole tire gauge thing really is a serious metaphor. How the hell those on the right ever became known as “conservative” is beyond me. They’ve been conserving their ability to think for years is about all I can surmise. If you were truly conservative in any sense of the word, you would be for lowering the use of a resource and maximizing the alternatives to that resource after said resource got you into wars and has contributed to a more polluted world.

Which brings us to the metaphor. Wingnuts laugh at common sense solutions while progressives are able to understand something Jimmy Carter told us long ago (we made fun of him too): Conservation is the cheapest, quickest, and best approach to ending our addiction to foreign oil and embroiling us in economic and military catastrophe. The only thing the right is interested in doing is maintaining their environment-be-damned lifestyle that helped get us where we are today. Jimmy was right then. Barack is right now.

Hell, if I were Obama’s people I’d have some tire gauges printed up and handed out at events with American flags on them which said: “Conservation is patriotic”. If the issue is allowed to be framed in a way that distorts the real reality, then that is our fault.

The truth is there is no quicker way whatsoever to end our oil addiction and decrease demand (and prices) than to conserve and use less. Whether McCain and the GOP want to admit that or not is not relevant. They are wrong and they know it. It’s why they have to attack. Actually, the average American ONLY has an effect on oil dependency on the demand side. It’s all we have and we should leverage it. The solution from the right offers us 1% of our daily demand two decades from now. The solution from the left offers more than this in terms of decreased usage RIGHT NOW!

Conservatism is hypocrisy. The McCain campaign is dishonorable and the continued attacks show it. The GOP is in bed with the oil industry and thus has zero interest in conservation as this is antithetical to profits for oil companies. The money flowing to McCain after his flip-flop on offshore drilling from oil companies is telling.

The Obama campaign should frame this as anti-American to make fun of our ability to individually shed our oil addiction. We can each make an impact now to reduce the use while we transition to new renewable technologies. This should be an individual patriotic moral imperative. Can each of us have an impact on our oil dependency? YES WE CAN!

It makes you wonder what the fuck ever happened to America that we are so numb to our ability to pull together collectively and accomplish something for our common good. Where are the leaders who used to call on us to do so? They are in the White House urging us to “go shopping”.

The left suggesting common sense solutions while the right laughs at them makes the tire gauge a fitting metaphor for modern politics. The only real question is whether voters will get it.

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