“Pocket” illustrates the clear choice in this election between an approach that keeps us sending billions to oil companies and foreign governments and one that gives middle class families a $1,000 rebate funded by a windfall profits tax on the oil companies.

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  • I think Obama has run some great ads, but this wasnt one of them. The average person knows McCain is not “in the pocket of big oil.” Conservatives have known this for some time.

  • Of course….individual people whose livelihood depends on policies or lack of them are going to donate to someone who shares their beliefs.

    It doesnt mean they are in his pocket. You and the ad both imply that he makes his decisions based on contributions. That is not true and people wont buy it.

  • …just like people won’t buy dishonest attack ads about being a celebrity. you and i both know that’s wrong.

    what is true and what affects a voters’ perceptions are miles apart. i’m willing to bet that the average voter finding out that oil money flowed into john’s campaign after he flip flopped on a policy position that benefits oil companies just might smell a little fishy.

    but we’ll see what people buy or not.

  • @3: I bet you also were the one who said “don’t worry about this Hussein stuff. nobody is gonna buy that Obama is Muslim!”

    LOL. Come on Ben. You’re not that green. Or are you?

  • No, I dont know its wrong to run a celebrity ad like what was done.

    if people buy it, then they do. if people by obama’s mccain is in big oil’s pocket, they do. I just dont think they will.

  • ah, yeah. i forgot you think the paris hilton ad is part of the clean, issue based campaign mccain said the american people want. lol. totally forgot.

    completely turning yourself around on a critical energy policy and then getting an influx of money THE NEXT WEEK sure does smack of being “in the pocket”. the american people should – and will – buy that. any other explanation is pure spin.

    the maverick mccain is no more and people are going to wise up to that.

    i actually do hope people get the message in the paris ad: obama is popular! duh.

    i know you’re personally invested in the campaign now – as am i – look forward to seeing who comes out on top. i’m sure the best man for the country will win. convinced of it!

  • @6: you don’t think they will?

    A CNN/Opinion Research Poll released in mid-June showed that 62 percent of Americans blamed “unethical behavior” by industry players as the culprit for high gas prices, compared to the 32 percent who attributed the cost at the pump to basic economic supply and demand.

    heh. they might.

  • A Gallup poll released around the same time brought the point home even further: 60 percent of Americans said that it was U.S. oil companies that deserved blame for the high gas prices, compared to 49 percent who blamed the Bush administration.

  • I dont know why I am bothering arguing with you on this.

    So you write: “completely turning yourself around on a critical energy policy and then getting an influx of money THE NEXT WEEK sure does smack of being “in the pocket.”

    Yes, so he made a decision then people who work for the industry who are likely to benefit then donate to him. That makes sense. Individuals decided to back John McCain. Just like individuals who are fine with $4 gas are more likely to back Obama.

    Being in the pocket of someone has the opposite meaning to me and most – donations come in then the lawmaker changes an opinion to back the money or keeps their hard line to keep donations coming.

  • I think you continue to argue because you sense you may be wrong. You don’t think there was any pressure – none at all – for McCain to reverse course? From the very people who then gave him money as a reward.

    You aren’t too bright then, really.

    I think his “drill drill drill” is in the hopes the money will keep flowing like the oil.

    McCain’s a Bush guy now. McCain’s a Big Oil guy now. Fully converted. We’ve all been able to see the transformation right in front of our faces.

    This isn’t hard.

  • No you are right. I am not that bright. No one is as smart or as clever as you. Except Barack Obama.

  • until then…

    NOW you see how this works. Thanks for playing Ben! Rod, what do we have for our contestant?

    Weeeee’ve got a nice Plunderbund Home Edition board game and a Ted Stevens Interweb tube cleaning kit!

  • Now. Do you want to tell Matt Hurley or should I that when he rails on Obama for “flip flopping”, what he really should be doing is applauding him for “making a decision”?

    You or me?

  • Ill let you decide how you want to do it, big guy. Not my call.

  • Aw. Don’t back down now Keeler! You were doing so well. And we almost got this thing to 20! Come on Cletus!

  • Go for 20. And Eric, have you noticed oil prices how have fallen by 20% in recent days after the Democratic Congress DID NOT open the shelf and ANWR to drillers. The price per barrel decline has accelerated since Congress went home. The Republican argument was that opening those lands would reduce prices. But the prices fell dramatically without any Congressional action. Is it possible the Republicans were full of crap? Is it possible that Congress is meaningless?

  • my only question….does ben keeler look like jabba the hut, like every god damn righty blogger in Ohio?

  • @17: Did not notice, Bill. Thanks!

    @18: I think he is an exception to the rule. Looks more the frat type who blog at BSB.

  • Modern Esquire

    For the first time in my life, my looks have been associated with the “frat type.”

    Perhaps in the “Revenge of the Nerds” kind of way…

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